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Catfish Mask

As you see in your instructions, you will need scissors, a hot glue gun (or regular glue and patience), and string. Also,  please note the cut, fold, and cover lines denoted on your instruction sheet.


Cut out all the pieces.


Glue the unmarked tab over the circle tab on either side of the jaw. 

Bend the triangular tab around behind the whisker,
and glue in place.

Repeat with other whisker. 

Glue the middle tab over the black “cover area”
of the main head on each side. 

Push the tabs in the head back towards the unprinted side. Hold the mask up to your face, look through the eye holes, and note where to poke the holes in the tabs.

Take the mask away from your face and carefully poke a hole through the tab for your string. 

Tie a double (or triple) knot in your string. Feed the other end through the hole in the tab. Add some glue around the string to secure it. 

Match the triangles and the circles on the outer ring of each eye, making sure the end with the extra tab is on top. Glue in place. Bend the extra tab back, so the unprinted side meets the unprinted side of the eye. Glue in place.

Bend the tabs on each eye back towards the unprinted side. 

Glue the eyes to the main mask, making sure the pupils are pointing in the direction you prefer.
Add glue as needed to secure. 

Glue the whiskers just above the eye holes, making sure they are pointed in the direction you prefer. 

Fold the side tabs on the jaw down. Put the mask on and note where the jaw fits comfortably on your face. Glue in place. 

There you have it! A piece of art for your face. If you have any questions, please comment below. Also, let's see these masks in action! #questionablepress