Chicken Mask

Chicken Mask

Cut along all solid black lines. Be sure to cut the lines on the top of the head, on the top and bottom of the beak, at the bottom of the wattles (the red things that hang below the beak), and the bottom of the comb pieces ( pictured at the bottom right). Cut out the eye holes too. I like to use a pair of small, sharp scissors. 

Glue the middle piece of the head over the cover area on either side. 

Glue the unmarked piece (the side without the cover area) over the cover area on the top and bottom of the beak. 

Fold down the tabs on the beak and then center it about the correlating cover area. Glue the  two middle tabs in place, then glue the outer ones, aligning with the cover area (pictured below). 

Now glue on the wattles. The tops of the wattles vary. One has three points, one four. Glue the points over their correlating cover areas. 

At the bottom of each wattle, there is a cover area. Bend the paper over the cover area and glue in place on either side. 

Glue the narrow end of the eyebrow first. Locate the cover area on the top of the eye, closer to the middle. Glue eyebrow in place.  Its ok that it points up like this. 

Now bend the other end of the eyebrow over the remaining cover area. Bend the tab on the eyebrow back and glue in place. 

Bend the tabs of each comb piece along the dotted line. Glue one tab over the other on each piece. 

Glue on the comb pieces. I didn't add cover areas for these, so use your own judgment. I'm sure it will look fantastic. 

There is a small black dot on either side of the mask. Poke a hole through this dot. Tie a double knot in a piece of string and thread the other end through the hole. Repeat on the other side. 

Add a generous amount of glue around the string on the back side of the mask. Allow it dry before trying on to avoid a small, hot, mess on the side of your face! (Did you notice I switched string?)

And there you have it! A piece of art for your face. 

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me!

I'd love to see your masks in action!