Octopus Mask

Octopus Mask

As you see in your instructions, you will need scissors, a hot glue gun (or regular glue and patience), and string. Also,  please note the cut, fold, and cover lines denoted on your instruction sheet.

Cut everything out along the solid black lines. In the image above, I forgot to cut out the eyeholes. Don't be like me! Cut those out too. Below you can see a few more spots that you might pass by with the scissors, but will want to cut. 

Bend the top middle piece of the head over the cover area and glue in place. Repeat on the other side. 


Fold the tabs back on the bottom piece and place over the cover area at the bottom of the head. Only glue the tabs down though, so it hangs and bends freely in the middle ( if you've already glued the whole thing, just go with it). 


Find the arm with the square marks ( not the diamonds! If in doubt, compare to the image above) and glue in place with the black cover area under the mask. Then fold the tab on the bottom of that arm back. Glue it to the bottom piece, over the cover area. You will have to slightly bend the paper. 


Now move up and over to the other side of the mask. Find the arm with the circles ( it has the curly-q). Glue in place, slipping the cover area under the mask. The bottom suction cup slips over the mask, on top of the small cover area. Then fold back the tabs on the arm and glue them down on the cover area at the top of the head. You will need to bend the paper here too. 


Glue the small arm with the diamonds on next. The correlating diamonds on the mask are now behind the arm you just glued on. Bend the arm with the diamonds forward a bit. 


Now take the arm marked with triangles. Glue it under the head, so the cover area is hidden, then glue the top part of the arm down over the top cover area. 

Finally, bend the tab back on the last arm and glue in place over the cover area. You will have to bend the paper. 


Almost done! The two little circles on either side of the eyes are for string so you can wear it. Poke holes in the paper ( I used and awl, but you will do fine with a pen tip or sharp scissor end). Feed one end of your chosen string through the hole. Tie a knot in the other end to keep the string from pulling through. Then on the back, glue around the string to keep it in place. See below.


Now put it on and run around! You've just made some art for your face. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Show me your masks in action! @questionablepress