Praying Mantis Mask

Praying Mantis Mask

As you see in your instructions, you will need scissors, a hot glue gun (or regular glue and patience), and string. Also,  please note the cut, fold, and cover lines denoted on your instruction sheet.


Frist, cut out all the pieces, following the cut lines. 

Glue the unmarked tabs over the cover marks on
the bottom of the large piece. The second image shows one completed.

Bend the triangular tab around behind the antennae, and glue in place.

Repeat with other antennae. 

Glue the middle tab over the black “cover area”
of the top piece on each side.

Curl the triangular tab out. 

Glue the antennae to the head, matching the different circles.

To connect the two main pieces, align the middle half circle of the larger piece over the black cover area on the smaller piece and glue. Then tuck the edges of the larger piece under the smaller
piece and glue, making sure the outer edges of the two pieces
(the sides of the mask) line up. 

Hold the mask up to your face and look through the eye holes. Note where the string would best hold the mask on your face in the black cover area. Carefully poke holes through the black cover area. Tie a double (or triple) knot in the string then feed the other end through the hole. Glue in place. 

Glue the bottom tab of the eye first, checking that it is looking in the direction you prefer. Then glue the top tab, leaving the curled triangular piece down, under the eye. 

Glue the mandibles to the lower sides of the mask, as you prefer. 


There you have it! Art for your face. If you have any questions or comments on the construction, please leave a note. Also, lets see these masks in action! #questionablepress