Cut along all solid lines. Be sure to cut up into the bottom of the horn and just below the eye. Both cuts are pictured below. Also, cut the two lines on either side of the top of the head. I like to cut the eyes by poking a hole with a paper awl or even a ball point pen, then cutting it out with a small, sharp pair of scissors. 

Glue the top middle tab on the head over the cover area on either side. 

Glue the middle snout piece over its top cover area first, before glueing the sides.

Then fold in the tabs on either side of the snout. Bend it slightly to just fit inside the cover area and glue. This photo depicts the slight bend in the paper. 

The bottom right side tab of the snout is too long (oops!). Just place the tabs over the small cover areas and bend the tabs behind the mask. Then glue them in place. 

Poke a hole through the silver dot at the edge of the mask in the eyes. Tie a double knot in some string and then feed the other end through the hole. 

Then add a generous amount of glue around the string on the back side of the mask. 

Now for the eyes. Bend each eye around itself and glue the top piece over the cover area.

Line up the eyes so they are over the cover area and the tabs are at the outer edges of the mask. Adding glue to the entire eye or entire cover area is messy, so just put a dab under where my finger is pointing in the picture below. 

Glue the tabs down on the back side of the mask. 

Fold along the dotted lines on the horns, then glue one tab over the other on each horn.

Glue the horns to the correlating cover areas on either side of the mask. I like to make the point of the horn pointing up, but its up to you. 

Fold the sides of the mask down along the dotted line. ( Did you notice this mask isn't as complete as yours? I thought it was easier to follow in this order, post production )

Glue the teeth to the mask over the cover areas on either side. Make sure the tab ends up on the eye end, not the other way around. Just glue the teeth to the cover area, the tab comes next. 

Bend the tab toward you at the fold. then slip the whole thing under the mask a bit and glue. Exact placement isn't key. 

There you have it! You've made yourself some art for your face!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 

I would love to see your masks in action!