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Toad Instructions

This toad began life as a flat block of wood. The wood was hand carved using the wood engraving method, then printed onto this paper in a vintage letterpress. It include 5 pre-cut pieces and 11 adhesive dots.


The Adhesive Dot Secret


1. Pull the two open ends of the strip, so it’s one long piece 2. Tear it in half
3. Place the strip face down onto the corrolating dot in
the pattern, then pull the strip off.


Assembly Instructions

Gently pull the cut pieces out of the paper.


Take the sides of the large piece and bend it, as shown. There are creases on either side that will create shape. Just bending the sides together until you see the creases bend.

Flip the large piece over Attach a dot to the circle then overlap and attach the other side. Cover the white space with the overlapping piece. 

There are two tabs on either side of the head. Take the one without a dot and bend it completely back. Place a dot on the circle on the upper portion of the back and stick the folded-back tab to it.

Bend the tabs on the band down. Attach a dot on each, then place the leg as shown.

Repeat on the other side.

Fold the tabs on the face under, and attach dots. If you push the head out under the jaw area, it will follow the shape of the head more readily.

Cross the left back tab under the right. Attach dot and align left tab with outline on right.

Attach dot to center circle and bend top tab down to adhere to dot.

Fold each foot out along crease, as shown.

Attach dots on remaining circle. Align legs with the outline on the body and stick to dot.