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Turtle Instruction

This turtle began life as a flat block of wood.
The wood was hand carved to create each little line, using the wood engraving method. Its one of the traditional forms of image making for letterpress. 
Then it was  printed on to the paper on a vintage press.


To use adhesive dots:
Place adhesive dots directly on paper, then pull backing off.


Push all four pieces out.


Begin assembling the shell by adhering the dots to the black dots on the paper, then covering up the white area with the printed area.



Grasp the shell on either side near the bottom, as pictured, and give it a good squeeze. The majority of the shell should sit flat on a table.



Find the front piece, pictured here. Bend the feet up and out on the crease and add adhesive dots.



Find the curved section of the shell and carefully place the front piece under it, aligning the small white line with the curve of the shell. Then repeat with other side of front piece.


Find the back piece, pictured here. Bend the feet and tail up and out
on the crease, and apply adhesive dots.


Stick under the shell on the back, however it looks right to you.


Bend the folds on the head back, as shown.


Bend the head at the nose and overlap the two top folds. Add an adhesive dot and cover the larger white area first.


Add adhesive, then fold down the top tab to cover
the smaller white area.


Add an adhesive to the bottom, then roll the printed side over the white area. Be sure to give it a good pinch.


Push head in the body and make final adjustments. Squeeze the
shell a little more, bend the feet flat, and adjust the head as you see fit.



And there you have it! 

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