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Wild Boar Mask

Cut everything out along the solid lines. Don't miss the lines around the snout, halfway up the tongue, on the top of the head, and on the bottom of the jaw. Also, don't be like me and forget to cut out the eyes. I like to poke a hole through the paper with an awl or even a ball point pen, then cut around the edges with small, sharp scissors. 

Lay the main head piece down on the table. Before glueing, just bend the snout piece over the cover area. Then fold the tabs down and glue them in place. Add little tabs of glue to the top of the snout and the outer edges. 

Bend the two tabs on either side of the snout down, under the snout. 


Fold the very top fold of the snout up, then fold the second fold down. Glue the snout bottom to the tab under it, so its over the cover area. 

Now pick up the jaw piece. Glue the middle tab over the cover area on both sides. 

Align the edges of the tabs on the jaw with the small lines on either side of the snout. Glue in place.

The main structure is now complete. Now on to the ears, tongue, and teeth. 

Fold the teeth up along the dotted line separating them from the tongue. Then fold each tooth in half, just at the bottom, along the dotted lines. 

Tuck the teeth and tongue into the mouth. Line up the outer edge of the tooth with the small dot on the jaw. Align the cover area under the jaw and glue in place. 

Fold the bottom part of the fang back, along the dotted line.

Slip the folded part of the fang under the snout. Glue the fang in place, over the cover area. 

Glue the tab of the hair tuft over the cover area. 

Glue the hair tuft in place, over the cover area in the middle of the head. You may want to bend the tuft back a little, but its up to you. 

Glue bottom of the ear tab (with out the cover area) over the cover area on the head. 

Then slip the other ear tab ( the one with the cover area) under the head, until the cover area is hidden. This will help curve the ear around. Glue in place. 

Fold back the cover area on the little ear tufts ( Where are the dotted lines, right? Artist mistake, sorry.) 

Glue the ear tufts over the last cover area, under the ear.

There is a little black dot on either side of the head. Poke a hole through this dot. Then take some string or yarn and tie a double knot in one end. String the other end through the hole. This is more secure then just feeding the string through the hole and tying it to itself. 

Add a generous amount of glue around the string on the back of the mask. 

There you have it! If you have any questions, send me an email.

I'd love to see your masks in action! @questionablepress