About Us


 Questionable Press is me, printer and artist Sarah Brown, and a 1948 Heidelberg Windmill named D.



When I found D, it was love at first sight. I saved her and a literal ton of letterpress equipment from the scrap yards of Phillipi, West Virginia. I was a real letterpress novice, but I combined the skills I had learned in printmaking classes at West Virginia University with hours of research and perseverance until she and I came to know each other well. At first, I thought she was awfully persnickity and opinionated. It turns out, she’s just sensitive like the rest of us, which is what makes her so great. With the right set up, ol’ D can pick up and print cardboard to tissue paper, and everything in between.



Over the last few years, D and I have become pretty close. I use antiquated, classical methods of image production like wood engraving, wood cuts, and linoleum cuts. Basically, its like making big, very detailed stamps. I combine these blocks with hand set letterpress type. Then, with D’s excellent engineering, together we print them with precision and accuracy. Though we have the capabilities of printing with the new fangled polymer plate, I reserve that for custom work if required. 



Our work is produced through a very hands on, physical process. The challenges it creates have in turn inspired the work. Whether its the slight impression on a greeting card, the close inspection of a wood engraved image, or the cutting and gluing of one of our masks, we’re inspired to engage others in a tactile, hands-on, playful experience. If you like our work, we would love to work with you. I’m on the customer service end of the business, so email me or give me a call.