Questionable Press will be back in September!



I’m Sarah, the artist, printer, and self-proclaimed mastermind of Questionable Press. I use vintage letterpress printing equipment to make paper goods that connect you to the natural world. 

Though I studied art in college, I couldn’t marry the art world with the values and interests of my upbringing. I grew up in the woods of West Virginia, and wanted to make work that uplifted the natural world, that was accessible and homey. I pursued horticulture instead. I was working as a farmer, but I couldn’t quite let my art making go. I was still printing a little, so when I found a few tons of letterpress equipment destined for the scrap yard, I bought it, and thus began Questionable Press. I used the same can-do attitude I’d learned on the farm to teach myself the basics of letterpress printing.

These machines are antiques, but they are very accurate and efficient. I use them to print original, hand carved images and pair them with the vintage hand-set type (the “letters” of letterpress), making the prints accessible to a broad audience.

Now I spend my days in my studio instead of the field. My tools have changed from a tractor and shovel to a press and type, but I still explore the wonder of the outdoors. Through my paper sculptures, posters, journals, and cards I strive to bring the strength, fragility, beauty and mystery of nature into your home. 


Though many hours of my education have been self directed, I’ve also taken classes, interned at Igloo Letterpress and Power and Light Press, and completed a year long apprenticeship with Jim Horton, a printer and wood engraver. I’m so into letterpress printing I even started a podcast- to find out more, go here